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The Department of Education worked with the Telethon Kids Institute and the University of Queensland to develop a series of resources specifically tailored for schools seeking to strengthen their transition to school strategies by responding to their local AEDC data.​

The resources were developed in consultation with three Queensland schools who took part in an extensive action research process that involved analysing their AEDC data in partnership with the local community, and developing informed, responsive plans for children's transition to school.

Getting started

AEDC Overview (PDF, 245KB) (DOCX, 43KB)

The AEDC Overview will support your understanding of the AEDC domains, the collection, and the data. It will also introduce strategies and approaches for using and responding to the AEDC data at the school level.

Using the AEDC to support continuity of learning (PDF, 417KB) (DOC, 39KB)

This document describes the individual and broader community factors that enhance early childhood development. It also suggests practical strategies for supporting students' learning and development, and identifies opportunities to strengthen continuity of learning during the early years.

Guide to using the AEDC - (PDF, 1.3MB) (DOC, 97KB)

Video: Understanding the AEDC

Understanding the AEDC video transcript (RTF, 92KB)

Value of the AEDC

The value of completing the AEDC for teachers videotranscript (DOCX, 17KB)

The value of completing the AEDC for classrooms and beyond video transcript (DOCX, 19KB)

The value of completing the AEDC with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Consultant videotranscript (DOCX, 23KB)

AEDC 2018 data

AEDC 2018 Queensland data snapshot (PDF, 2.2MB)

AEDC Queensland Info graphic​ (PDF, 538KB)

Putting the AEDC into practice

Case studies

Schools across Queensland shared how they are using the AEDC data to inform programming and strategies to support continuity of learning through community partnerships, data analysis and program development:

Augusta State School

Augusta State School video

Augusta State School video transcript (DOC, 23KB)

School snapshot - Augusta State School (PDF, 266KB) (DOC, 18KB)

Cranbrook State School

Cranbrook State School video

Cranbrook State School video transcript (DOC, 23KB)

School snapshot - Cranbrook State School (PDF, 271KB) (DOC, 18KB)

Clontarf Beach State School

Clontarf Beach State School video

Clontarf Beach State School video transcript (DOC, 23KB)

School snapshot - Clontarf Beach State School (PDF, 243KB) (DOC, 19KB)

Guides for your school

Using your AEDC data to inform transition planning: A self-paced learning guide (PPTX, 3.5MB)

This guide will assist you to analyse and share AEDC data alongside other relevant information to develop collaborative transition plans with early childhood community stakeholders.

Reflection guide (PDF, 168KB) (DOC, 20KB)

The reflection guide is aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and is designed to support recognition of professional development for the purposes of teacher registration with the Queensland College of Teachers, through engagement with this suite of resources and reflecting on how you and your school use the AEDC.

Help and support

If you have would like to share your story, have any questions or would like further information contact the Queensland AEDC team within the Department of Education at

Last updated 26 July 2019