Starting your career in early childhood


Sandra’s story
Early childhood educator

I’m a city girl, but my heart is in the country and, eventually, that’s where I want to be. I dream of being an early childhood teacher in a small town, owning a property with a patch to regenerate, being a wildlife carer and being connected to my rural community.

Discovering nature is something I’ve always been drawn to. As a child, my family instilled in me a strong empathy for animals. Grandma still personally greets all the magpies that visit her. My first degree was in science, majoring in ecology and conservation biology and, when I finished, I really wanted to be able to share my learning with others.

Early childhood teaching and ecology actually have a lot of overlap: you’re on the move, hands on, in the outdoors and engaged in STEM every day.

At our Brisbane childcare centre, I have the unique opportunity to help kids develop a deep respect for our natural world in their earliest years. I’m so proud when my toddlers point to a creature and ask questions, make observations and share those with their peers. Early childhood teaching brings my passions together and, one day, it’ll help me make the tree change I dream about.

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Jessica’s story
Early childhood educator

All children are unique and I treasure getting to know them as individuals, discovering their passions and finding what they need from me.

As a kid, I was drawn to singing and dancing. I grew up in Liverpool in the UK and my lovely, caring Mum was my champion; she had great faith in me. When I finished school, I enrolled to study performing arts.

Whist studying, I volunteered at the local primary school teaching the children dancing and acting, and they offered me a job as a learning support assistant. I was in charge of all the school plays and story time in the library, complete with full costumes!

It seemed the natural, next step to combine my love for performing with my enthusiasm for early childhood. So, alongside performance, I picked up classes in teaching. I use singing, dancing and acting to help kids develop, learn, build relationships and have fun.

Now, I can be their champion.

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Last updated 04 August 2021