If you are concerned about the quality or compliance of an early childhood education and care service, you may make a complaint to the department. Read more about making a complaint.

You may also request access to documents the government holds in relation to an early childhood education and care service (applies to long day care, kindergarten, outside school hours care, family day care, limited hours care, occasional care and specific funded services). Read more about accessing information the department holds.

Making a complaint​​​

What complaints can the department investigate or not investigate?

The department may only investigate complaints that relate to the legal requirements of the National Law or the ECS Act. This includes complaints about educator qualifications, educator-to-child ratios, children’s supervision, and matters that impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of children at the service.

For other matters the following list of organisations may assist you with your complaint/concerns. This is not an exhaustive list.

Blue cards

Blue Card Services can assist with complaints or enquiries about obtaining working with children checks (blue cards).

Court orders

The approved provider is required to keep at the service information about court orders relating to a child. This is particularly relevant when the service must determine if a parent is authorised to collect their child, receive information about their child, or is allowed to attend the service. You should discuss any concerns about a court order with your approved provider.**

You should seek legal or family dispute resolution assistance for concerns or disputes about compliance with relevant court order matters relating to your child.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

Contact the Australian Government Services Australia for help with complaints about the CCS.


The Queensland Human Rights Commission can help with complaints about discrimination, sexual harassment, vilification, victimisation and other contraventions of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.

Education and care services outside Queensland

Contact the Regulatory Authority in the state or territory in which the service operates to make a complaint about services operating outside Queensland.

Employee/employer disputes

Contact the Fair Work Commission for help resolving disputes in the workplace.

Enrolments and waiting lists

Contact your service’s approved provider if you have a complaint about enrolment or the waiting list.**


Contact your service’s approved provider if you have a complaint or concern about fees.**

If your complaint is about consumer rights, contact the Office of Fair Trading.

You may wish to seek independent legal advice in relation to your complaint.

Unregulated services

Nanny, babysitter, hotel, resort, shopping centre, sporting facility and vacation care offered for fewer than four weeks a year is an unregulated service. You should contact the service operator if you have a complaint.

Adjunct care is defined under the ECS Act, however, it is does not require departmental approval. Read the department’s Adjunct care fact sheet (PDF, 1.5MB).

Contact the Office of Fair Trading for assistance with complaints about consumer rights.

You may wish to seek independent legal advice in relation to your complaint.

Wages or employee entitlements

Employers, employees, outworkers, outworker entities and organisations should contact the Fair Work Ombudsman for advice or complaints about wages or employee entitlements.

Workplace bullying

Contact the service’s approved provider if you have complaints or concerns about workplace bullying.**

The Fair Work Ombudsman website has information about workplace bullying and harassment.

** Check National registers if unsure of contact details.

Accessing information the department holds

A parent, educator, staff member or other member of the public may request access to documents held by the government in relation to an early childhood education and care service. If the early childhood education and care service is regulated under the Education and Care Services National Law, this request is made under the Commonwealth Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).

This would apply in the case of long day care services, kindergarten services, outside school hours care services and family day care services.

Last updated 08 March 2021