Resources for Indigenous communities


Browse the collection of activities and resources designed to support and encourage kindergarten participation in Indigenous communities.


The Early Years Count  
Your child's brain is developing at a rapid rate, building the foundations for all future learning later in life. Find out how to provide a supportive and caring environment with everyday learning activities that make the early years count.

Big Learning Life
Share in stories from communities, families and our Elders. We all play a part in making the early years count for our little ones, for their big learning life.

Foundations for Success
A resource to help early childhood education and care services to deliver a quality early learning program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Kindergarten in Indigenous communities​
Learn about kindergarten programs delivered in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities.

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families
Learn about the support services available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families.


My big learning life: Kindergarten brochure (PDF, 7MB)
Parents and carers can find out what their child will do at kindy, when and how to enrol, what they'll pay, how to get there, and what they'll need.

Note: This is a printable brochure. Page 1 will appear upside down when viewed online.

Kindy songline postcard (PDF, 496KB)

The kindy songline represents the positive kindy experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Use this postcard to share the kindy songline and its elements with families. Find more information about the kindy songline on the Big Learning Life website.  ​


Elders as storytellers suite of posters (PDF, 6.1MB)

Elders from the Mackay community have come together to share the importance of early learning. Use these posters to promote the benefits of going to playgroup and kindy.


Aunty Honor shares the benefits of kindy
Listen to Aunty Honor talk about her experience in early childhood education and why kindergarten is important for little ones.

Kindy counts! in the Torres Strait
With a friend, Aunty Wasie started the first kindergarten in the Torres Strait in 1966. Listen to her story.

Ray Sambo talks about the benefits of kindy
Cairns community member Ray Sambo spoke to parents and carers in Far North Queensland to discover more about their experiences of kindergarten and early years education.

Elders as storytellers
Elders and community members throughout Queensland have shared their stories about connecting culture, country, knowledge and early learning. Watch the videos on the Big Learning Life website.

Ngana Waguna Woori Mumba
Ngana Waguna Woori Mumba, meaning 'we grow children together' in the Alice River language of the Inigai country, is an artwork created by artist Suzanne Thompson, through collaboration with community groups and families. Watch the artwork come to life in this animation.

Jess's early learning story
An animation of four-year-old Jess, who takes us on a journey through her early learning experiences in the home and community, meeting her first teachers, her parents and family.

Kindy transition statements
At kindy, your child makes new friends, develops new interests and strengths, and learns so much as they play. Find out how to share their learning and development with your child's new school teacher.

Last updated 24 December 2018