Resources for parents


​​​​​​​Browse the collection of activities and resources designed to assist families and carers with raising children and supporting early learning and development.


Kindy for all postcard​
This postcard provides parents with brief information on cheaper kindy from 2023. ​Access the suite of translated versions​.

Kindy in Queensland fact sheet​
This fact sheet provides parents with useful information on the benefits of a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program. Access the suite of translated versions​.

Kindy songline postcard
The kindy songline represents the positive kindy experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Use this postcard to share the kindy songline and its elements with families.​

My big learning life: Kindergarten brochure
This brochure answers questions that parents and carers frequently ask about kindy. Parents and carers can find out what their child will do at kindy, when and how to enrol, what they'll pay, how to get there, and what they'll need. There's even space for kindergartens to add their own de​tails to share with local families.

Note: This is a printable brochure, page 1 will appear upside down when viewed online.

​​Play Stars brochure
This brochure provides parents with information on Play Stars, a Queensland Government initiative providing every family, with a child under one, with a free 12-month family membership to Playgroup Queensland​.​

Starting school brochure
This brochure provides tips for supporting your child at this important time. More resources and activities are available to help you support your child’s positive transiton to school.


Early learning at home
Browse the fun and interesting experiences you and your child can do together at home to support their learning, development and wellbeing.

Early years brain​ development
An animation on a child's brain development in the first 5 y​ears.​​

Education Queensland Facebook
Join the growing community of parents and carers with information about early childhood and education in Queensland.

Helplines, support services, tips for new parents, budgeting for a baby and help with breastfeeding
Browse topics such as help and counselling, tips, budgeting, breastfeeding, parents' groups and immunisation.

Resources for parents​
Raising a child is not always easy but there are resources that can help you meet some of the challenges, browse the list of websites, books and DVDs that may answer some parenting questions.

SLEEP—Sleep learning for early education professionals
Browse the collection of sleep learning resources developed to assist early childhood educators, service providers and authorised officers to reflect on quality sleep, rest and relaxation practices.

Translated resources
View the kindy fact sheet, kindy for all postcard, transition chatterbox, our school community poster and the m​aking big moves smaller video translated into multiple languages.

Tip sheets


Elders as storytellers suite of posters
​Elders from the Mackay community have come together to share the importance of early learning. Use these posters to promote the benefits of going to playgroup and kindy.

Kindy or Prep in 2023 poster
​This poster helps families identify whether their child is old enough to go to kindy or Prep. They can also be used to engage families in conversations about​ early years education options for their child.

Ngana Waguna Woori Mumba poster
This poster is a representation of Ngana Waguna Woori Mumba, which is an artwork that was created by community members and artists around Queensland to represent the early learning journey of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children​.


Quality in family day care – parent video
​A video on quality in family day care services and discover the elements to consider when choosing a service.

Last updated 02 March 2023