State Delivered Kindergarten


​'For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, kindy is important.' Ray Sambo, proud father and grandfather.

Children in selected approved remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities can attend a State Delivered Kindergarten program at their local state school.


To be eligible to be an approved State Delivered Kindergarten, schools must be located at least 40 kilometres by road from the nearest approved kindergarten or in a selected, discreet Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.



State Delivered Kindergartens provide kindergarten programs that are delivered by, or have access to, an early childhood teacher in composite and non-composite settings. In composite or multi-age classes, kindergarten is provided in schools where children from 2 or more year levels are in the same class. In non-composite settings, the kindergarten delivery is a straight year level, i.e. kindergarten-age only. Both models are designed to meet the local school and kindergarten context.​

State Delivered Kindergarten is delivered in accordance with the Queensland kindergarten learning guidelines (QKLG) which provides guidance for planning, interacting with children, monitoring and assessing, and sharing information in kindergarten contexts across Queensland. The QKLG aligns with Belonging, Being and Becoming—The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

Foundations for Success is encouraged for use as an important resource for all State Delivered Kindergarten programs to include the richness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective​s that supports the learning and development for all children​.

This resource, developed in partnership with families and communities, supports the provision of culturally-responsive programs in the early years, including in the kindergarten year, and assists to build understanding of the importance of cultural identity in every aspect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children's daily life.

Visit the Foundations for Success professional development website for resources on how to plan, implement and document a quality learning program that builds on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children's culture, language and strengths.

Resources include:

  • good practice videos
  • Acknowledgement of Country video
  • practical tips and advice for interpretations of Belonging, Being and Becoming, inspirational posters and much more.


Explore the benefits of teaching in State Delivered Kindergartens across Queensland on the working in State Delivered Kindergartens page​.

State Delivered Kindergarten in action at Muttaburra State School


State Delivered Kindergartens

Future State Delivered Kindergartens

State Delivered Kindergarten will be expanded into the following Queensland state schools. This expansion increases the number of Queensland children having access to a quality face-to-face kindergarten program in their local community.

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Last updated 01 November 2021