Transition to school


Starting school is an important milestone in a child's life – and supporting children to positively transition to school helps foster their enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

Schools, early childhood education and care services and families all have a part to play in helping children positively transition to school.

Transition statements

Transition statements contain important information about a child's learning and development at kindergarten as well as suggestions for supporting their continued learning at school.

Kindergarten teachers develop the transition statement in November with input from parents/carers and children.

When shared with the child's new school, transition statements provide valuable information to assist in planning for a positive transition to school.

Parents and carers can consent to the transition statement being developed using the online transition statement application. They can also consent to the transition statement being accessed by the child’s school via the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority portal. Parents/carers who do not give consent for their child’s transition statement to be developed using the online application will receive a transition statement and they can elect to provide a copy of the statement to the school.

For more information about transition statements, visit the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority website.

Watch what parents and teachers are saying about transition statements: ​

Weir Kindergarten

Find out how transition statements are supporting a great start to school.

Transcript (DOCX, 24KB)

Western Suburbs Kindergarten

Parents say the transition statement helped them understand their child's progress.

Transcript (DOCX, 24KB)

Undurba State School

Prep teachers explain how they use transition statements to better understand children’s needs.

Transcript (DOCX, 23KB)

Peregian Springs State School

The insights that transition statements provide ensure that 'learning suits the learner'.

Transcript (DOCX, 26KB)

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Last updated 30 November 2020