QKFS Plus Kindy support


The Queensland Government provides a range of subsidies to approved kindergarten program providers through the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) to reduce the out-of pocket expenses for families.

QKFS Plus Kindy Support provides additional support to eligible families to help them access low or no-cost Kindy. QKFS Plus Kindy Support is claimed by the service on behalf of eligible families.


To be eligible for QKFS Plus Kindy Support a family must meet one of the criteria below:

  • The family (including foster families), or the child, must present one of the following (calculated per term):
    • a current Australian Government Health Care Card (HCC). The HCC should be sighted each term and a copy kept by the service. The HCC must name the enrolled child, whether it is the child's own card or a card belonging to their parent/guardian
    • current Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card (automatic HCC entitlements) or Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card or White Card
    • ​formal communication, such as a letter, from the relevant agency stating the intent to issue a HCC.
  • The child is Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and the family chooses to identify them as such on their enrolment form (calculated per semester)
  • The family has 3 or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year. QKFS Plus Kindy Support is available for each child enrolled in a program (calculated per semester).

QKFS Plus Kindy Support can only be claimed once per child regardless of how many of the above criteria they meet. If a child is eligible for QKFS Plus and is claimed for at the end of the claiming period then the service must ensure that the full amount is passed on to the eligible families, irrespective of how many days/weeks in the claiming period the eligible child was at the service. This includes late enrolments and early exits.


Services claiming QKFS Plus Kindy Support are required to maintain appropriate records and make them available for inspection by the department when requested.

Health Care Card holders

Services need to keep a copy of the family's current Health Care Card, Veterans Affairs Card, Pension Card with Health Care Card entitlement or other government document confirming eligibility.

Note the expiry date of the card and adjust payments accordingly. The family must update the service on any change to their eligibility for the Health Care Card entitlement.

In some instances a family may cease to hold a current Health Care Card during their child's kindergarten year and as a result no longer be eligible for QKFS Plus Kindy Support.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Families should be given the opportunity to identify a child as being Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander on their enrolment form. The form must be signed by the family and kept as a record.

Example enrolment form wording

Indigenous status

Is the child Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?

​ Aboriginal

​ Torr​es Strait Islander

​ ​​Both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander​

Multiple births (3 or more)

Services must keep a copy of the proof of date of birth. This would usually be a birth certificate but other official forms of documentation, such as a passport, would be acceptable. 


Subsidies are provided directly to services to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for eligible families.

QKFS Plus Kindy Support can reduce costs:

  • for families accessing a kindergarten service
  • for families accessing an approved kindergarten program at a long day care service. Services are required to consult with the family to determine the best way to apply the subsidy to provide a low or no cost kindy program for the child.

The QKFS Plus Kindy Support amount is adjusted to take account of the Low Socio-Economic subsidy entitlement at each service, visit the QKFS Plus Kindy Support examples page to learn more.

More information

For more information please refer to the QKFS funding requirements (PDF, 3.7MB).

Kindergarten services funded under the Central Governing Body (CGB) model may also contact their CGB for further information, or call the QKFS funding team on (07) 3035 2244.

Last updated 11 September 2020