Child eligibility criteria




A child must be at least 4 years of age by 30 June in the year they commence kindergarten.

Service providers may only claim funding for each enrolled, eligible child.

Check the kindy calculator to determine when parents or carers can enrol their child in your kindergarten program.

Proof of age

Parents or carers must show you evidence of their child's date of birth, for example, a birth certificate.

You need to keep a copy as a record.

Kindergarten services should check their central governing body's policies and procedures for collecting and documenting proof of date of birth.

Enrolment in more than 1 kindergarten program

Subsidies only apply for a child's enrolment in 1 approved kindergarten program at a time.

All services must have processes to avoid the likelihood of a child being subsidised to take part in 2 funded programs at the same time.

For example, on your service's enrolment form, you may ask families to state if their child is attending another service and if that service offers an approved kindergarten program.

If a parent or carer states the child is enrolled in another approved program, you should ask them to nominate which service they wish to receive the Queensland Kindergarten Funding standard subsidy.

Only the service the parent or carer nominates can include the child in their funding claim.

Kindergarten services, through their central governing body, may charge families, who have nominated another service as their funded kindergarten program, different fees.

Contact usif you are aware a child is attending 2 services with approved kindergarten programs.

Inclusive programs

Inclusion subsidies are provided to service providers to support inclusion of all eligible children in an approved kindergarten program irrespective of diversity of background or additional needs. Funding is provided to ensure all eligible children meaningfully participate in kindergarten on the same basis as their peers.

Learn more about:

Early Prep enrolment

If your child will benefit from a delayed entry to Prep they will still be eligible for Queensland Kindergarten Funding (QKF).

Your child must be enrolled in school (Prep) when they turn compulsory school age (that is, at least 6 years and 6 months). Parents who decide to delay their child's start in Prep may choose to keep their child at home or in an early childhood service.

Read about early and delayed entry to Prep.

Enrolment of non-eligible children

Service providers should prioritise enrolment of eligible children into approved kindergartens prior to opening additional programs or enrolling non-eligible children.

Service providers should only offer non-eligible children (3-year-olds) places in an approved kindergarten program if places are available after finalising the enrolment of eligible children. Families are required to pay full fees and the Queensland Government will not offset costs. The out-of-pocket expense for families of non-eligible children must be based on the full cost of operating the program.​

Last updated 13 January 2023