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If you can't find an answer to your question about the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) after reading the Queensland Kindergarten Funding S​cheme​ section or by searching this page, email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, kindergarten services can contact their central governing body and long day care services can contact the QKFS funding team by email at or on telephone (07) 3035 2244.

Fact sheets and webinar sessions

​Fact sheet​​Webinar video​s
​QKFS overview Webinar (11:25)
​ARIA and SEIFA subsidiesWebinar (6:50)
​Early childhood teacher qualificationsWebinar (14:24)
Kindergarten learning program hours – information for long day care servicesWebinar (9:16)
QKFS Plus Kindy supportWebinar (4:10)
​Standard per child subsidyWebinar (6:25)
​QKFS age eligibilityWebinar (3:34)


When will our service get the first payment?

Payments to long day care services are made in arrears. You will be asked to provide enrolment numbers, teacher information and banking details when you complete a QGrants claim so we can calculate your funding payment.

Read the section on Claiming in Section 1 of the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme: Funding Requirements (PDF, 3.7MB) for further information.​

Will our service still receive funding for a child who is absent, for example, if they are sick or on holidays?

Yes. If the child is still enrolled in your kindergarten program and the family is paying their fees, your service will continue to receive funding.​

Is our service's funding affected if a child comes in later or leaves earlier than our official start and end times?

No. Your funding will not be affected as long as the child is enrolled in your kindergarten program for at least 600 hours a year (usually 15 hours a week for 40 weeks a year) and the family is paying their fees.

We encourage you to discuss with the parents how their child will benefit from regular attendance, including being prepared for school.

Will our service still receive funding on public holidays?

Yes. You will receive funding for public holidays that fall during the scheduled times for delivering your approved kindergarten program.

Can our service claim funding for pupil-free days?

No. Pupil-free days are determined by individual services and cannot be counted towards the minimum of 600 hours a year (usually 15 hours a week for 40 weeks a year) program requirement.​

Is our service eligible for funding for children who attend on a casual basis?

No. Your service won't be funded for children who attend your kindergarten program as casuals. To be eligible for funding, children must be enrolled for at least 600 hours a year (usually 15 hours a week for 40 weeks a year) and the family is paying their fees. Occasional absences for illness or holidays are acceptable.

For long day care services: if your service has vacancies and you wish to enrol casual or shared-place children, you can determine your own enrolment and fee policies.

For kindergarten services: you should work with your central governing body to decide enrolment and fee policies.

For legacy-funded kindergarten services: your real funding guarantee won't be affected if you enrol children on a casual or shared-place basis. However your service won't be eligible for a higher level of funding under the scheme until all children are enrolled for at least 600 hours a year (usually 15 hours a week for 40 weeks a year).

Our kindergarten service has changed central governing bodies (CGB) and our previous CGB has claimed funding on our behalf. Will our previous or new CGB receive our funding?

Your new CGB will receive your funding once they have told us of your change of membership and we have confirmed this with your previous CGB. We may ask you to confirm your membership if your previous CGB disputes the change.

I am the new owner of a service funded to deliver an approved kindergarten program. What do I have to do to make sure the funding continues?

You need to determine if you are able to meet the QKFS funding requirements. You will then need to apply to become an approved Kindergarten Program Provider (KPP).

The Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme: Funding Requirements (PDF, 3.7MB) will provide you with information about eligibility requirements, how to apply, subsidies, claiming and ongoing program delivery requirements.

Our kindergarten teacher only works during school terms and another staff member leads the group during school holidays. Will this affect our funding?

No. As long as a qualified teacher delivers your kindergarten program for at least 600 hours a year (usually 15 hours a week for 40 weeks a year), another educator can take the group for the school holidays and your funding will not be affected.

Are services that approve children for delayed entry or exit eligible for funding for these children?

Yes. If you followed your service's documented process and our guidelines, you will still receive funding for the children approved for delayed entry to, or delayed exit from, your kindergarten program.

My service has been running a kindergarten program for an extended period. Can I get payments backdated once it has been approved?

No. Funding will start from the time you lodge your application or you meet all criteria to become an approved kindergarten program provider (whichever is the latest). We recommend that you apply to become an approved kindergarten program provider prior to, or as soon as possible after, commencing your kindergarten program.

My long day care service delivered a program for a few weeks earlier in the year then had a gap. Will this affect my funding payments?

It will if you did not deliver an approved kindergarten program for at least 40 weeks in the calendar year.

Pro-rata funding is provided for programs that run for less than 40 weeks in a year. Please contact the Kindergarten Funding Team by email at, or on telephone (07) 3035 2244, to discuss this option.​

QGrants funding claims – long day care services​

Do I have to use QGrants to receive my QKFS Funding?

Yes. You must submit your quarterly enrolment data through QGrants to receive payment.

What information do I need to have when I first log-in to QGrants to make a claim for funding?

You will need to have your enrolment records handy plus your teacher details. The system will require you to enter bank account details as part of the claims process. The details will be securely stored in the system. Please ensure that the nominated bank account has been approved by the service owner.

Can I change my data once it is submitted?

No. QGrants will not allow you to update a submitted claim. You will need to contact the Kindergarten Funding team on (07) 3035 2244 or email​ as soon as possible.

You are strongly encouraged to check and review your data before submitting it. It is in your best interests to get the submission right the first time otherwise withdrawing and resubmitting data will delay payment.

How long will payment take once I have submitted my claim?

The department will validate and process your claim within 2 to 10 working days.

How do I receive a breakdown of my payment?

You will receive a summary report at the end of the claims process, this report will contain the QKFS funding calculation.

How will I receive payment advice from the department?

At the point of payment, QGrants will issue via email a recipient created tax invoice (RCTI) to the approved provider of the service.

Can I review my previous payments in QGrants?

Yes. The system automatically retains and displays all claims processed via QGrants.

What happens if I don't submit my data by the due date?

Your QKFS payment will be delayed; it is a requirement of the program that you submit your QGrants claim within the required period.

Can I nominate an officer from my organisation to complete the claims on my behalf?

Yes. This officer will need to register an account and request to be linked to your organisation. Please note: This allows the nominated officer to have access to, nominate and change banking details for your organisation. Read the guide for registering a contact officer (PDF, 533KB).

How will services be kept informed and supported?

We will support you through the QGrants claims process either by email or telephone. We will contact you to check your claim if necessary so that your payment is not delayed.

You can read the guide for QGrants quarterly claims guide (PDF, 774KB) to help you when using QGrants.​


Who assesses teacher qualifications for QKFS?

Services are responsible for assessing their teacher/s' qualifications and ensuring these qualifications meet the National Law. To help you and your ECTs determine if their qualification meets National Law requirements, information is available on the ACECQA website.

Our teacher has a teacher recognition letter issued by the department a few years ago, is she/he still qualified to teach our kindergarten program?

Yes. Your teacher is appropriately qualified under the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme and you will receive your operational funding. You must keep a copy of the teacher's qualifications.

How much should our service pay our early childhood teacher?
You should contact Fair Work Commission for information on the various awards which apply to teachers in early childhood services.

Learning program

Is the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline different from the Early Years Learning Framework?

Yes. The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG) builds on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and helps kindergarten teachers to plan and implement a learning program and monitor children's progress throughout the year.

Under the National Quality Framework, services will be assessed and rated against the principles, practices and learning outcomes in the EYLF. Services will need to show the authorised officer who is assessing their service how their practice, delivered through the QKLG or other Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA)-accredited learning guideline, aligns with EYLF.

Read more about the relationship between national and Queensland kindergarten initiatives on the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority's website.

What is a transition statement?

A transition statement is a summary of each child's learning and development progress during the kindergarten year. It is created towards the end of the year by teachers in collaboration with the children, their parents/carers, and support personnel.

As the statement is used throughout Queensland, you may wish to encourage parents to refer to it when discussing with school administrators or teachers their child's enrolment in Prep.

If your service uses another Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority-accredited kindergarten learning guideline, you should follow its sharing information requirements.

If parents or carers sign the consent form (DOCX, 112KB), kindergarten program providers can now send the transition statement directly to a child's new school. ​

Is there flexibility in how our service can deliver our kindergarten program for 15 hours a week?

Yes. It is up to you to determine how you deliver your kindergarten program to best meet the needs of families in your community.

'15 hours' refers to the hours your program operates and includes arrival, lunch, rest and departure routines, and the teacher's meal break when another educator will need to supervise the children.

Examples of 15 hours a week programs, include:

  • 2 days a week from 8.30am–4.00pm each day
  • 3 days a week from 9am–2pm each day.

Long day care services may choose to offer the kindergarten program 5 days a week, but to be eligible for kindergarten funding it's important that each kindergarten-aged child is enrolled for at least 15 hours a week.

Please note, that as an approved kindergarten program provider, you must display at your premises your operating hours and certificate, and your teacher's/s' qualifications.​​​​​

Last updated 04 September 2020