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Families all over Queensland are enjoying the many benefits of Early Years Places. Watch the video to learn more about what an Early Years Place is and how your family can join in.

Early Years Places are an easy way for families to access a range of early childhood activities and support from the one welcoming location.

Each Early Years Place has a different mix of programs including playgroup, early childhood education and care, health services, and family and parenting support.

Early Years Places are located in over 50 communities across Queensland, making it easy for families to connect with services and support their child’s early development.

The Queensland Government is committed to investing in new Early Years Places in areas of need to ensure all Queensland children enjoy a confident start to life.

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Video transcript

Parent 1: We found out about the Kingston East neighbourhood group through the child health clinic out at Springwood and it's been really, really good. I just didn't know a service like this existed.

Parent 2: My family is all from New Zealand so I didn't know anyone that was having kids. Since I've started coming here, I've got several friends now, whose sons are all the same age.

Parent 3: I feel they are very supportive, I've made relationships with other parents as well as the teachers here.

Educator 1: Just seeing them form friendships and to just watch them blossom within their parenting skills. It's a really beautiful experience.

Parent 4: We do a lot of activities, craft, singing, reading and so many things.

Educator 2: Things like baby massage and music is introducing them to singing and having face-to-face contact with their carer and parent as well positive sensory benefits of touch.

Parent 5: The pre-Prep courses were great, and even before that the playgroups and praise groups they were great. I've done parenting courses here, they benefit the whole family so much.

Parent 2: Yeah there is all sorts of things you can get out of it, but the main one is socialisation for myself and for Bruce too.

Educator 3: In the first three years of a child's life, the brain is growing the most so the more experiences they have, and opportunities to be supported in their development, the more positively their brain will grow.

Parent 6: You get to talk to other mums and we have a chat about sleep and kind of feel good you are not in it alone.

Parent 7: Engaging with my child in a place like this I feel less isolated and it's good having that connection with community.

Parent 2: You can play with other kids and life is much better.

Parent 5: We're not perfect but we see these things and we learn these things like it just clicks at a perfect point in our lives.

Educator 4: Make some friends, socialise, let your kids have a run around, have a coffee with someone. Get out of the house.

Video transcript
Last updated 30 October 2020