NQF services approvals


The chief executive of the department is the regulatory authority in Queensland responsible for approving early childhood education and care providers and services.

The regulatory authority decides the following types of approvals:

Provider approval

A person must first apply to obtain a provider approval​, which is ongoing and recognised nationally, before they can apply for service approval to operate one or more services.

The approved provider is responsible for ensuring the service operates in accordance with the National Law.

Service approval

To operate an education and care service, an approved provider must hold a service approval​ for that service.

Service approvals relate to the individual site/premises and the type of care provided. Most long day care, family day care and outside school hours care services are regulated under the NQF.

Addendum to service approval application

To submit a service approval addendum for the rest period condition (centre-based service), download, complete and email the service approval form (PDF, 138KB)​ (DOCX, ​44KB)​ to the department. This is an interim measure until Queensland-specific forms can be included on the NQA ITS. Find out how to contact us via email or post.

Nominated supervisor

As part of an application for service approval, an approved provider must identify the nominated supervisor for the service and provide evidence of that person's consent to fill the role. Visit the ACECQA website to read more about nominated supervisors including their responsibilities and obligations under the National Law.

Applying for approvals

You can apply for approval online through the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQA ITS).

Submitting applications or information

Applications for provider or service approval, amending an approval or notifying of changes can be submitted through the NQA ITS.

To use NQA ITS, the approved provider account needs to be linked to an individual who is authorised to complete the notification and other actions on behalf of the approved provider.

Please note only one person can link to the approved provider account. This person can give other users access to the account but the approved provider is legally responsible for all information and submissions on NQA ITS.

Authorisation to act on behalf of approved providers

Approved providers may wish to authorise another person/s to act or communicate on their behalf with the regulatory authority. Read more about acting on behalf of an approved provider.

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Display of information
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Help and support

If you have questions about provider and service approvals, please contact us.

Last updated 08 January 2019