Kindy enrolment: All the resources to help you promote your service


The department has many free resources to help approved kindergarten program providers promote their services at enrolment time.

These resources include downloadable posters for your foyer, brochures for open days and handy links which can be shared with parents through your regular communication channels.

Here are some of the free resources available to you.

The kindy tick

The kindy tick identifier helps parents tell whether a service’s kindergarten program is Queensland Government-approved.

All services that have been approved to deliver a kindergarten program will have received a pack of kindy tick material, including a USB stick of digital identifiers and a style guide explaining how to use the identifier on your promotional material.

Only approved kindergarten program providers that meet the requirements of the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) are eligible to display the kindy tick.

Kindy/Prep age poster

The department has created a poster to help parents understand at a glance whether their child is old enough to start kindy or Prep next year.

The poster features a calendar page with 24 months represented as red or blue stickers and the words: ‘Born in blue, school is for you. Born in red, it’s kindy instead.’

Services are invited to download the 'Kindy or Prep in 2021' (PDF, 1.6MB) or ‘Kindy or Prep in 2022’ (PDF, 1.6MB) posters for display.

Kindy calculator

The kindy calculator is an online tool on The Early Years Count website.

When parents enter the month and year their child was born, the calculator instantly tallies the year the child will start kindy, Prep and Year 1.

Share the link to the calendar with parents through your regular communication channels.

Resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

The department has compiled a suite of culturally appropriate resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Resources include ‘My big learning life’ brochures and ‘Let’s yarn about kindy’ posters, as well as links to videos where Elders share their stories about connecting culture with early learning.

The Foundations for Success site provides teachers with extra guidance to the Early Years Learning Framework as well as inspiration and best practice advice.

Factsheets in 27 languages

The Kindy in Queensland factsheet, which is available in 27 languages, is an excellent promotional tool for open days.

Aimed at prospective parents, the factsheet explains what kindy is, how to enrol a child and how much kindy costs. Download the fact sheet in a variety of languages from the department’s website.

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Last updated 16 November 2020