Workforce strategies


Queensland Early Childhood Workforce Strategy 2023–27

The Queensland Early Childhood Workforce Strategy is a 4-year strategy to deliver a sustainable, qualified early childhood (EC) workforce who are recognised for their contribution to quality outcomes for children.

The comprehensive suite of initiatives supports the EC sector's diverse needs and settings that include family day care, outside school hours care, sessional kindergartens and long day care providers.

The Queensland Government has worked hand-in-hand with the EC sector to co-design the strategy.

First Nations educators and services were the focus of consultation and collaboration.

Queensland's workforce initiatives

Queensland’s workforce initiatives will ensure our early childhood workforce are empowered, engaged and supported to deliver quality early learning programs and services.

Learn about new scholarships and subsidies to unlock career potential in early childhood.

First Nations perspectives

First Nations educators, children and families are a key priority of the Workforce Strategy.

Each priority will focus on embedding First Nations EC professionals' perspectives and outcomes.

Watch the video below and hear the voices of the First Nations educators and participants at the Early Childhood Educators Workforce Forum in Cairns in May 2023.


Priorities and actions

Consultation and codesign will continue with sector partners to develop and implement the shared strategy, based on:

  • professional recognition—to enhance the status and recognition of EC professionals
  • qualification skills and pathways—to ensure that EC professionals have opportunities to advance their career
  • attracting and maintaining expertise—to focus on attracting and retaining expertise in the EC sector
  • enhancing workforce expertise—to ensure a prepared and confident workforce
  • strong leadership identity—to inspire leadership excellence across the diverse workforce at every career stage
  • health, wellbeing and resilience—to support the wellbeing of EC professionals.

The strategy builds upon Queensland Government’s Good people. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022–2032, which provides a range of workforce related support for employers.

Early childhood recruitment campaign

The Early Childhood recruitment campaign—be one of the people our youngest people need—is now in its third year.

The statewide social media campaign aims to attract school leavers and career changers to the profession by promoting flexible pathways and rewarding teacher/educator and child interactions.

The campaign features authentic teacher and educator talent from across the sector.

Next steps

The sector will be kept informed of initiatives and opportunities are they are rolled out over the next four years.

National Children’s Education and Care Workforce Strategy

The National Children's Education and Care Workforce Strategy (2022–31) supports the recruitment, retention, sustainability and quality of the sector workforce.

Facilitated by ACECQA, national sector stakeholders and all Australian governments have co-designed 'Shaping Our Future', a ten-year workforce strategy to help ensure a sustainable, high-quality children's education and care workforce.

The implementation and evaluation plan to support and guide efforts to achieve the objectives of the National Workforce Strategy—Shaping our Future—supports and complements areas of action and commitments outlined in other national strategies, including those which support the Closing the Gap Agreement such as the Early Childhood Care and Development Sector Strengthening Plan (PDF, 533KB).

A complimentary new and enhanced workforce initiatives summary (PDF, 314KB) is also available.

Last updated 06 March 2024