Advice for parents

As a parent, your wellbeing and that of your children is of most importance, particularly in times of uncertainty, crisis and high anxiety.

Love and safety are the priority when supporting your child.

One of the most important things you can do as parents/carers is to play with your children, talk with them about the everyday routines in your family and share time together.

Spend quality time with your family and focus on what you and your child can do in the moment. Be kind to yourself and others; and stay connected.

Below are some ideas, tips, websites and apps to help you and your family stay healthy, safe and connected.

0 to 3 years resources

ABC Kids
ABC Kids is home to loved and trusted preschool programs. Explore the website for games, apps, songs, craft and much more.

Early childhood focused resources COVID-19 resources
Early childhood focused resources produced by the World Health Organisation. From tips for talking with very young children about the virus to play and learning-at-home resources.

The Early Years Count
This Queensland Government website empowers parents of children aged 0-8 to make the most of everyday situations to support their child’s learning and development. A range of activities, videos and culturally-appropriate resources to support your child’s development.

First 5 Forever
Explore this online resource developed by the State Library to encourage early literacy in the first 5 years of your child’s life.

Victorian Government—For parents: Learning and Play
A Victorian Education and Training website with information for parents of babies, toddlers and preschool aged children to help their child learn and build skills through play.

Melbourne Zoo—Animal House
No need for a plane, packed lunch and tired legs—Melbourne Zoo is live streaming so your child can still enjoy an adventure to the zoo, in your own home.

Nature Play—Creating a Child-Friendly Backyard
Nature Play encourages outdoor play. Connecting with nature not only supports your family’s mental health and wellbeing, it provides learning opportunities. If you need to stay in the yard, try these ideas.

Zero to Three—Parenting
A website from the US, designed to support parents in developing their own individual ways to promote their children’s wellbeing and growth.

Raising Children—Learning in the baby to preschool years
Developed by professionals and practitioners, the Raising Children website is Australia’s most reliable resource for Australian parents of children at every age and stage.

South Australian Government—Our Learning SA
Routine and certainty is important for children. Our Learning SA provides information to support families with these helpful tips on communication, wellbeing and the home learning environment.

Tasmanian Government—Wellbeing
Babies and children learn best when they feel loved and secure. Talking, playing and reading with your child from birth are the best things you can do for their learning. Check out these great ideas.

ABC News—Socially distant bear hunts
There are bears everywhere! Socially distanced bear hunts popping up all around the world, to distract children from coronavirus and get them out in the fresh air.

Last updated 31 March 2020