Moving to school


​​​​​​​Starting school is an important milestone in a child's life and the transition period to formal schooling is a critical time that shapes long-term educational experiences.

​​​​​​Families have a critical role to play in supporting positive transitions, as do early childhood and school educators and the community.

​​​​​​A positive start to school leads to a child’s sense of belonging and engagement and greater ongoing connection with school and helps foster a child’s enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

​​​​​​A successful transition to school is marked by a child’s positive approach to schooling and has been identified as a factor in disrupting cycles of social and economic disadvantage and promoting resilience in young people.

​​​​​​For schools, transition planning should be responsive to children and families and consider other contexts that may influence the transition including the local community, existing services and supports and social and economic influences. Educationally, children’s transition to school is supported when there is real and purposeful alignment between the way learning is presented in kindergarten and the early years of school. This supports children to feel at ease in the new environment and to see themselves as successful learners.

Transition statements

Transition statements contain valuable information about a child's learning and development at kindergarten as well as suggestions for supporting their continued learning at school.

Kindergarten teachers develop the transition statement in November with input from parents/carers and children.

When shared with the child's new school, transition statements assist in planning for continuity of learning and wellbeing.

For more information about transition statements, visit the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority website.

Supporting positive transitions

Effective transition approaches are based on strong relationships and communication between the child, their family, early education and care services, schools and the community.

A range of supports are available to help strengthen transition practices and provide the tools to have meaningful conversations with partners when implementing high-quality transition-to-school programs and improving outcomes for children.

The supporting successful transitions: school decision-making tool (PDF, 1.3MB) is designed to assist schools in strengthening their approach to transition and their selection of transition-to-school strategies. The tool provides a framework for school reflection on current transition practices. It focuses on a collaborative approach between all partners—early education and care services and educators, families, schools and supporting community organisations.

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Last updated 02 August 2021