Working in State Delivered Kindergartens


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Research shows there is an important link between qualified, capable educators and quality early childhood education experiences and outcomes.

University qualified early years and early childhood teachers delivering a kindergarten program in selected state schools guide the learning, wellbeing and development of children in an active, inquiry and play-based learning environment.

As a teacher delivering a kindergarten program, you will have a rewarding career and opportunities for ongoing professional learning, progression into leadership roles, fulfilling work and the chance to work in regional and remote locations.

You can expect to be teaching kindergarten in composite or multi-age classes or a non-composite setting, alongside colleagues who provide a strong start for all children as part of the K–12 state education system in Queensland.


Teaching State Delivered Kindergarten (SDK) offers many benefits, including:

  • ​providing a rich learning environment where children can build confidence as learners
  • promoting the importance of the early years in school by delivering a quality early childhood program
  • being valued and part of a local community.
  • access to competitive salaries, financial allowances, additional leave entitlements and relocation benefits
  • seeking adventure, career growth and permanent employment opportunities
  • taking advantage of specialised induction programs and professional learning opportunities.

Fact sheet​

Read the State Delivered Kindergart​en fact sheet.​

Apply to teach kindergarten in Queensland state schools

Kindergarten can be taught in state schools prescribed to deliver kindergarten.

Becoming an early years teacher with the department

SDK teachers must hold an approved teaching qualification and be registered with the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT)​ and meet the mandatory requirements for teacher eligibility. As employees of the Department of Education, the Teaching in State Education Award 2016 applies.

There are many pathways to become a teacher in Queensland and enrolling in an approved initial teacher education (ITE) program is the first step.

Applying to teach in Queensland

When you apply to teach with us, you’re applying to teach in Queensland’s state school system. The Teach Queensland website is the central point for all applicants seeking teacher employment in our state schools and is mandatory if you want to teach with us. Submit your application. By nominating the Early Phase sector as your qualified area (section 4 in the PDF application form), you will be included in the talent pool for State Delivered Kindergarten vacancies.

Teach Queensland

​​Visit the Teach Queensland​ website to explore the steps to becoming a teacher and how you can apply to teach in our state schools.

​​Teacher stories

The children are still my why

Julia Fitzgerald, SDK Advisor

Being an SDK teacher in remote Queensland was a far call from the Sunshine Coast life for Julia Fitzgerald—and she hasn’t looked back.

Julia commenced her early childhood teaching at​ Boulia State School in 2017—​some 1,700km from home. In the years ahead, Julia grew as an educator and her passion to provide meaningful opportunities for young children in rural and remote locations to learn and develop continued.

‘It can be overwhelming as a new teacher in a new community but also exciting and rewarding,' Julia said.

'The level of care and trust that the community have in their teachers is so unique and special. You will feel supported, and welcome from the moment you join the school.

Going remote and teaching at Boulia State School was an amazing adventure.

As a first-year teacher, I felt extremely supported by the staff and the department. There has always been someone to turn to for help or advice. As a team, we work together to make sure our young learners are getting a great start.’

Now in her role as a Senior Advisor for SDK, Julia continues her passion for early childhood supporting SDKs in North Queensland.

‘Even though I’m not in the classroom anymore, the children are still my why,’ Julia said.

Teaching the next generation


With over 30 years of experience, Michelle Martin is proud to be teaching the next generation of children at Thursday Island (Paru Kaziw Mudh) Kindergarten, an SDK located in the Torres Strait in remote Far North Queensland.

Michelle, a local from Thursday Island, went away to study but always knew that she would return home to teach. She sees it as a real privilege to work with Thursday Island’s children every day.

‘We embed language and culture into our SDK program daily and this starts every morning when the children walk in with their families and are greeted by one of the adults at the gate in their traditional language.’

A Torres Strait Creole and English speaker, Michelle values the children’s daily exposure to a range of local languages and culture which she incorporates into all aspects of the kindergarten program. Staff who come from other islands in the Torres Strait are encouraged to teach the children their language, culture and songs too.

‘I just absolutely love what I do – I don’t think it’s a job, I think it’s just a great honour, a great privilege to get to work with amazing children.’


You can always learn from a child

Last updated 11 September 2023