Season 1


​​​Episode 1

​​​Sally is making glue for a papier-mâché ball. Thinking that Possum might like to help, she goes to get him but finds he is stuck after eating sticky honey all night. After Possum gets out, they pretend to have sticky feet. Inside they finish making Sally's papier-mâché ball and watch kids make their own balls. Sally and Possum go outside to play with the finished ball.


Episode 2

It's a very hot day and Sally is looking for fun things to do. She finds Possum keeping cool under the shade of his tree. They go to the beach but Possum decides he doesn't like to swim, so they go home and make yummy banana ice creams instead.

Episode 3

Possum is busy painting when Sally notices he is not letting the paint dry properly. Sally teaches Possum how to let the wet paint dry first before touching it. Sally sees some of her plants have wilted and need water. Sally and Possum watch kids visit a farm to see how important water is for crops and animals. It's thirsty work, so Sally and Possum make lemonade.

Episode 4

Possum decides he wants a pet. Sally suggests lots of pet ideas including a fish but Possum thinks fish are boring. To see how exciting fish really are, Sally and Possum watch a school excursion to Underwater World. The school kids touch and feel lots of hard and soft creatures before Sally and Possum go on their own pretend underwater adventure. Sally helps Possum make an underwater collage.

Episode 5

It's a rainy day and everything is getting wet. Sally puts on her gumboots and gets her umbrella. Meanwhile, Possum stays dry underneath a branch until it breaks, getting him all wet. Sally and Possum enjoy 'pretend puddle jumping' before Sally teaches Possum how to grow mustard seed caterpillars in the kitchen.

Episode 6

Possum's door and Sally's drawer are both sticking and need to be fixed. Amanda the handy-person arrives with some sharp tools and fixes Possum's door. Together, Sally, Possum and Amanda watch children building things out of wood at school. Possum shows Amanda his tree house extension plans but they are far too elaborate, instead Amanda teaches Possum how to build a bird feeder.

Episode 7

Possum wants to do something special and surprise Sally. Digging Sally's garden, Possum finds Sally's ring and plans to surprise her with it later. Sally and Possum watch as children visit a wildlife zoo, touching and feeling all kinds of smooth and rough animals. Inside, Possum and Sally make fruit kebabs and ice a cake. Possum surprises Sally, putting her ring on top of the deliciously smooth cake icing.

Episode 8

Sally's waiting for her new fridge. Jay the deliveryman arrives at Sally’s door with the fridge but she cannot hear him knocking. Meanwhile, Possum takes the fridge. Jay and Sally realise the fridge is gone. Eventually Possum and Jay take the heavy fridge into Sally's kitchen. Sally, Possum and Jay watch kids make boats out of light polystyrene and Jay helps Possum make his own boat.

Episode 9

Sally's sink is full of little bubbles and she is doing the dishes. She decides it would be fun to make bubbles with Possum but he is feeling sad today. Sally cheers Possum up, taking him on a hot air balloon ride! Back at home, Sally and Possum make lots of big and small bubbles together and watch as children play with bubbles at school.

Episode 10

Tonight, Sally is throwing a party. Possum is outside doing exercises with his stretchy resistance band. Possum and Sally go inside to get ready for the party but first watch how kids get ready for a party. Inside, Possum and Sally make decorations. Guests arrive and bring all sorts of stretchy and bendy things for the party.

Episode 11

It's a very cold day and Sally puts the heater on inside her house. She goes outside to see if Possum is staying warm in the cold weather. Possum is cold and puts on some extra clothes. Sally and Possum pretend to walk in the snow and watch as kids go ice-skating. Sally teaches Possum to make hot chocolate.

Episode 12

Sally is getting ready for a picnic with Jay and Possum. She needs to go to the shop first but needs to be fast to be ready for the picnic. Possum thinks Sally is slow going to the shop and that he'd be faster. Sally and Possum watch sprinter Sekou Kanneh practice running fast and make some special pocket-bread sandwiches for the picnic.

Episode 13

Sally finds Possum high up in his tree. He has climbed up to the top and wants to fly down. Sally thinks Possum should climb down and instead go for a pretend fly. Sally teaches possum how to make a kite and they fly it together outside.

Episode 14

When Possum becomes bored playing sports outside by himself, he sees Sally has picked some pumpkins from her vegetable patch. Possum asks Sally to play a game of soccer using her pumpkins as the goal posts for the soccer match. Sally plays for a short time but tells Possum she now needs to use the pumpkins to make pumpkin soup. Sally shows Possum how the soup is made. While the soup is cooking, Possum goes back outside and plays soccer with the children. All that play makes Possum very hungry.

Episode 15

Sally and Possum play cricket in the backyard. Possum hits the ball under the bench and then over the fence. Sally shows Possum the difference between over and under and then they watch school kids doing an obstacle course. Possum and Sally make their own obstacle course in the backyard going over, under and even through things. Sally teaches Possum how to tie a reef knot.

Last updated 07 September 2023