Season 6


​​​​​​​Episode 1

​​​​​Possum loves to study things carefully. Sometimes things are small and hard to see. What a difference a magnifying glass c​​an make!​


Episode 2

Possum is good at counting, but sometimes he needs to record just how many he has counted. Sally teaches him how to tally. Now, what about all those tools in Skip's shed?

Episode 3

Sally gets a special present from a friend who lives in Japan. How can she say thank you? Aha, this present will be just what she and Possum need to make a special thank you card.

Episode 4

Sally and Possum are enjoying looking at the night sky. If only they could make it look closer. Skip has just what they need and just the right place to do it from.

Episode 5

Something amazing is hanging from Possum's tree. What are those beautiful things flying around the leaves? Could they be one animal?

Episode 6

Something is missing from the yard. When Possum works out what it is, he starts a new learning adventure. Don't give up Possum. This will be fun!

Episode 7

Look at this… Possum's hand is going in this direction, but the egg-beater is turning a different way. What wonderful things cogwheels are.

Episode 8

Sally is baking a pie for Skip and a friend to share. Is there going to be a piece for Possum too? Possum will have to learn some more about fractions.

Episode 9

Do you remember the treasure hunt? This time, Skip and Possum write a code with instructions for Sally to follow. Read carefully Sally, you have to do just what the instructions tell you.

Episode 10

Possum loves to throw things but he must throw them in the right place. He learns more about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Where did all those things come from, Possum?

Episode 11

Hey! What happened to the ice in Possum's drink? Is this another case for Police Officer Possum or does Possum need to learn more about how things change?

Episode 12

Half an hour is a long time for Possum to wait for food. What a good time to learn about telling the time and about clocks. The pie must be ready by now!

Episode 13

Finger spelling is good for showing people words. Possum knows Auslan signs and lots of finger spelling words. Now Possum School is on again and he is learning to write some words in English too.

Episode 14

Skip has been working on something amazing and now it is time to see it in action, but Possum has been busy too. Watch carefully!

Episode 15

Friends are very important and a surprise party is a good way to thank them, but who is going to be surprised at this party?​

Last updated 11 September 2023