Sally and Possum teacher and educator resources


This teacher and educator resource package complements series 1–6 of Sally and Possum.


​​​​​​​The package aligning with the Australian Curriculum and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline guides teaching and learning opportunities in early childhood and early years of school settings through the use of Sally and Possum episodes.​

Activity suggestions

The Deaf awareness—activity guide provides activity suggestions linked to Sally and Possum episodes to support deaf awareness and culture within classrooms.

The Auslan language—activity guide provides activity suggestions linked to Sally and Possum episodes to support outcomes under the Early Years Learning Framework and Australian Curriculum—​Auslan Language.

Season 1 resources

​​Season overview

Episode summaries

  1. Too sticky
  2. A very hot day
  3. Let the paint dry
  4. Possum wants a pet
  5. How does your garden grow?
  6. Possum's door
  7. A Surprise for Sally
  8. The case of the missing fridge
  9. The big balloon ride
  10. Sally has a party
  11. A very cold day
  12. The great race
  13. What goes up, must come down
  14. What can you do with a pumpkin?
  15. The obstacle course

Little books:

  1. Big and small
  2. Cold
  3. Dry things
  4. What is hard?
  5. What is heavy?
  6. Playing with possum
  7. Rough and smooth
  8. What is sharp?
  9. Yummy Soup
  10. Sticky honey


Season 2 resources

Season overview

Episode summaries:

  1. Possum is bigger
  2. Getting sorted
  3. The rainbow
  4. Finding shapes
  5. Possum goes camping
  6. Where does milk come from?
  7. Where is Possum's tree?
  8. The big cookie
  9. The great water mystery
  10. The large box
  11. Tell me a story
  12. Paper planes
  13. Sally and Possum go sailing
  14. Planting a tree
  15. The treasure hunt

Season 3 resources

Season overview

Episode summaries:

  1. Possum wants to go to school
  2. The bush walk
  3. What is wool, Sally?
  4. Kangaroos in the back paddock
  5. Possum's classroom
  6. A dinner guest
  7. Where do eggs come from?
  8. Possum breaks a plate!
  9. Possum wants to be taller
  10. Smallest carrots in the world
  11. The football
  12. Possum chooses breakfast
  13. Possum's the king of the castle
  14. Possum in charge!
  15. Possum joins the circus

Season 4 resources

Season overview

Episode summaries:

  1. A present for Sally
  2. Take a line for a walk
  3. Crossing the road
  4. The kayak
  5. The case of the missing potatoes
  6. Possum sees his shadow
  7. Road works
  8. Amanda's wood pile
  9. Police Officer Possum
  10. Sally and the crutches
  11. Sally makes pancakes
  12. Careful Possum
  13. Possum plays school
  14. Bees and honey
  15. The big show

Season 5 resources

Season overview

Episode summaries:

  1. The case of the muddy footprints
  2. Possum meets the neighbour
  3. Possum learns to fold
  4. The right tool for the job
  5. Possum skips breakfast
  6. Possum sees double
  7. Possum's map
  8. The great train trip
  9. Making butter
  10. The dripping tap
  11. Possum draws a picture of Sally
  12. Sally's flowers
  13. Moving school
  14. Push comes to shove
  15. Sally and Possum write a book

Season 6 resources​

Season overview

Episode summaries:

  1. The magnifying glass
  2. Possum counts
  3. Thank you
  4. Stargazing
  5. The butterfly
  6. Possum learns to ride
  7. The amazing eggbeater
  8. Sally bakes a pie
  9. The code
  10. Possum the recycler
  11. The melting mystery
  12. The clock
  13. Possum spells
  14. The marble run
  15. The surprise party

​Sally's drawer recipes and how to's

Sally’s drawer provides a selection of recipes and how to instructions from various episodes.

How to instructions:
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